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MBF Fellowship

The MBF Fellowship is a year-long, leadership development program designed to introduce emerging leaders to the opportunities and challenges within the Middle Border region, encourage civic engagement & create a network of grassroots leaders poised to make a change where they live & work.  Fellows meet monthly for day-long sessions on a variety of topics and work collaboratively to complete a community impact project prior to graduation.

The MBF Fellowship is for individuals who are:

  • 18 years old or older
  • Civic-minded
  • Living in the City of Danville, Pittsylvania County or Caswell County
  • Eager to make a positive impact in their community
  • Full of untapped leadership potential

Tuition: Free! There is no cost to participate. Other than your time to embrace your leadership potential.

Commitment: Participants must commit to all day attendance at each monthly session (second Thursday of every month) from October to September.  Any participant missing more than two program days will be ineligible to graduate. 

Perks: Middle Border Forward will reimburse Educators for substitutes during program days. Middle Border Forward will cover the cost of travel during program days. Socials and meet up will follow after each program day to increase comradery among your cohort.

Want to be part of the movement?
Check back here for applications in August '21!

Check out our current Fellowship Alumni!