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Conflict Transformation with Mark Molitor

April 1, 2021

Conflict Transformation with Mark Molitor

Can we do better than simply managing conflict? If you’re dealing with important issues, conflict is inevitable but also necessary! Conflict Transformation will develop the two critical skills you need build constructive solutions in complex times.

In this workshop, you will understand various approaches to handling conflict and their respective advantages and disadvantages, increase awareness of your tendencies for handling conflict, explore how to deal more effectively with those who make conflict situations challenging for you and more consciously adapt your approach to interacting with others to balance your interests and theirs.

This online workshop is for you:
Even hate conflict
Even are a natural peace-maker
Even if...the conflicts you're in seem unsolvable

We can do better than managing conflict...we can transform it! Sign up at and join us on Zoom April 20 @ 5:30pm!