MBF Leadership Academy: Emotional Intelligence with Mark Molitor

December 16, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Register at Eventbrite to attend this event! www.eventbrite.ca/e/mbf-leadership-academy-emotional-intelligence-with-mark-molitor-tickets-128624991813 This event is part of the Middle Border Forward Leadership Academy! Now, you can experience key components of the innovative MBF Fellowship program without the year-long commitment! These monthly courses can be completed separately or as a series. Join us to sharpen your skills and make an even greater impact on our region. More About "Emotional Intelligence:" Do you want to... -relieve stress? -succeed at work? -build stronger relationships? You can...with Emotional Intelligence What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence is just as important as IQ! EI is how you recognize and manage your own emotions. Emotional Intelligence helps you step back and reflect rather than just react. With the adaptability and control that Emotional Intelligence gives you, you can turn intention into action, and make strong decisions about what matters most to you. What about leadership? Emotional Intelligence isn't just about managing yourself! Emotional Intelligence helps you build better, more effective relationships. Since you can't lead alone, EI is essential for leadership! With Emotional Intelligence, you can... -communicate effectively -inspire and influence others -work well in a team -overcome challenges -defuse conflict Emotional Intelligence is a workshop with a powerful yet very simple method to manage yourself and influence others. You will learn how to be calm and effective when emotions are high. With Emotional Intelligence, you can become a leader that others WANT to follow. About the speaker: Mark Molitor is a leadership development consultant. He designs and instructs in leadership development programs, consults with leadership teams, and coaches leaders. In addition to his private consulting practice, Mark serves as the Director of Leadership Development for Leadership Triangle and as a core faculty member for the NC Rural Center’s Leadership Institute. Early in his career he co-founded a computer software company specializing in the human service and nonprofit sector. As CEO for more than 11 years he led the company through substantial growth as well as a merger and two acquisitions to serve over 1,000 client organizations in all 50 states and Canada. Following that he consulted in several sectors that included associations, foundations, education, state and municipal governments, healthcare, software, automotive, banking, biotech, and environmental health. As a contractor with the MG Taylor Corporation and Ernst & Young Management Consulting, he worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients.