New Teacher Orientation

August 13, 2018

On July 24, Christy and Moose, joined by the VISION 2035 Education Work Group, attended the Danville Public Schools New Teacher Orientation. Over 60 new teachers participated in the event at Westwood Middle School. Educators were given MBF branded tote bags, along with information about how to join the MBF movement. 

The majority of the participants were educators from outside the region, moving to Danville for this opportunity. Middle Border Forward hosted a table during the event to show teachers how they can get involved in the community outside of the classroom through VISION 2035 Work Groups, Community 500, and our Leadership Development programs. To assist them in settling into their new space, the VISION 2035 Education Work Group provided free supplies to all teachers. Want to help out your local educators? Join our Education Work Group!