Join Petrina Carter and MBF to explore Implicit Bias

February 16, 2021

Recent events have given us many teachable moments, but are we learning anything?


Implicit bias can be the cause of big problems.


What you do not know about implicit bias can hurt you and others around you. We do not need to feel guilt or shame about having bias, because it is deeply human and something we all share! Implicit bias is a phenomenon that is not limited by race, gender or even country of origin.

We all have it, AND we can learn to work around it. Come learn more about what implicit bias is and how it can be diminished in our lives, workplaces, and community. What counts is what you do with your bias.

This online workshop will work for you even if...

...You have a lot of experience with implicit bias.
...You are completely new to implicit bias.
...You aren't sure if implicit bias really matters.


Sign up at here to access Implicit Bias with Petrina Carter, a live webinar today, 2/16/21, at 5:30pm on Zoom.