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Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness


The Middle Border is known as a region where all citizens have clear access to healthy foods, affordable healthcare (both mental and physical) and activities which promote wellness.

Goal 1:  Connect providers with consumers to impact policy


  • Convene collaborative events to foster interaction between consumers & providers
  • Create channels for two-way communication between consumers & providers


Goal 2:  Increase access to fitness options, including sports & pools


  • Eliminate barriers to existing resources
  • Promote alternative (non-traditional) fitness options
  • Advocate for community-centered fitness options


Goal 3:  Increase access to mental health services


  • Create a public awareness campaign to increase visibility of existing resources
  • Encourage provision of services in non-traditional settings
  • Utilize technology to provide services to hard-to-reach populations


Goal 4:  Promote healthy food options


  • Create a public education campaign to encourage healthy food choices
  • Facilitate workshops, events & promotions to encourage healthy food choices
  • Partner with schools to increase availability of health food options for students