transparent circles



The Middle Border has fully accredited schools known for preparing all students from the cradle onward for robust post-secondary opportunities and career pathways; that are embedded in a community which affirms the value of education; that energetically partners with its families; and that fully uses its extensive network of volunteers & community partners.

Goal 1:  Promote family engagement in schools


  • Sponsor family engagement trainings for schools & teachers
  • Organize family engagement programming


Goal 2:  Promote high-quality out-of-school enrichment opportunities


  • Increase awareness of and access to existing programs & resources
  • Support student-led enrichment programming


Goal 3:  Advocate for teachers as professionals


  • Create a regional professional educator network
  • Promote mentorships & coaching opportunities for educators


Goal 4:  Promote community ownership of responsibility as stakeholders in education


  • Establish geographically-based “community schools”
  • Create school and classroom sponsorship opportunities
  • Create a public awareness campaign regarding the overall impact of educational outcomes on the local economy


Goal 5:  Promote post-high school action plans for every student


  • Expand college coaching programs
  • Increase awareness of and access to trade education options
  • Support families of students in transition
  • Increase access to guidance counselors