transparent circles

Arts & Culture


Known as a hotspot for artists & creatives, the Middle Border provides a supportive environment for all citizens (from cradle to grave) to meaningfully engage through diverse & connected venues in artistic activities that appreciate our history, affirm our evolving present and envision a strong future together.

Goal 1:  Celebrate cultural diversity & promote cross-cultural exchange


  • Host cultural events to foster inclusive community engagement
  • Facilitate community discussions to celebrate differences


Goal 2:  Expand opportunities for non-traditional art & artists


  • Advocate for inclusion of non-traditional art in public art spaces
  • Host showcase events for non-traditional artists


Goal 3:  Promote public art


  • Host public art promotions & competitions
  • Support new & existing public art through events & campaigns
  • Engage the public in the creation of public art


Goal 4:  Support & promote local artists


  • Create & support a regional arts council
  • Host marketing & promotion workshops for artists


Goal 5:  Support inclusive & accessible arts programming


  • Advocate for increased access to arts in schools
  • Create mobile art studios
  • Host pop-up art studios in underserved communities