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Community 500

Middle Border Forward believes it doesn't take a title or a lot of money to make a positive impact where you live.  The Community 500 Impact Project Sponsorship is our chance to prove it!

By providing technical assistance and financial support (up to $500), this initiative allows YOU to create change in YOUR community.  And, since this is not a grant, applicants do not need to be affiliated with a group or organization.  

Examples of past Community 500 projects include:

  • Student-led greenhouse at a local elementary school
  • Family portraits for residents of local public housing
  • Poetry slam to spotlight creatives from across the region

In 2019, Community 500 applications will be accepted in three cycles:

  • February 1-28
  • May 1-31
  • September 1-30

So, what's YOUR project idea?  Tell us all about it & apply for support here.

Still have questions?  Check out our Community 500 FAQs or give us a call at (434) 483-2894.